Ken Travis

Brentwood, TN City Commissioner


Keep Brentwood that Special Community

  • As an incumbent, I realize what it takes to keep our community of Brentwood special!
  • Brentwood defines a quality of life that includes open spaces, rolling hills, trees, parks and wonderful neighbors
  • Unique residential community located in Williamson County - residential living accented with commercial development
  • Responsible and proper planning is needed to assure Brentwood’s future as a suburban residential community
  • We must maintain our 1 acre density as a driving force in our community planning

Traffic – Proper Planning Defines the Future

  • Analyze all available data regarding solutions to our traffic issues (traffic signals, turning lanes, etc.)
  • Participate in Regional Transportation planning
  • Assist the City of Brentwood personnel in working with TDOT on key roads within our city
  • Proper planning of new subdivisions can lessen the impact of additional traffic because of new homes

Protect our Schools

  • People seek to live in Brentwood because of our quality of life and our wonderful school system
  • As Williamson County continues to grow, make sure that we work with the school system to keep up with this growth
  • Brentwood partnered with Williamson County last year to maximize tax dollars to improve schools.
  • Find ways to maximizes this working relationship

Budget Planning

  • Responsible and properly planned growth
  • Construction should begin this summer on our new Police Headquarters; this was a well thought out plan that included not only building plans but also budget plans
  • Identify the next “big project” so that it may be worked into our budget far in advance of our actual construction plans

Brentwood – It’s a Special Community

The State House has proposed a resolution honoring Brentwood’s 50th Birthday:
  • WHEREAS, a prosperous suburb of Nashville, Brentwood is a low-density residential community; approximately ninety percent of the city's acreage is zoned residential, with a density standard of one home per acre; and our quality of life and our wonderful school system
  • WHEREAS, with its low crime rate, rolling hills, and focus on quality land use and development, Brentwood is one of the most attractive and desirable growing communities in the State; Money Magazine named the city among the top three best places in America to launch a career, based on the community's blend of affordability and strong economic performance; and…
Ken & Rhonda Travis
Ken Travis
Brentwood, TN City Commissioner

A native of Memphis, Ken graduated with a BBA from Memphis State University in 1974 and moved to Nashville in 1978. Married to Rhonda for 48 years with daughters Karen and Katherine, the family moved to Brentwood in 1993. Ken is a retired healthcare executive and was with GE Healthcare for 39 years having received numerous sales and leadership awards. An 11 year President of Willowick Home Owners Association provided Ken with a deep understanding of area homeowners and our common concerns. In 2015 Ken was elected to the Brentwood City Commission and was also appointed to the Brentwood Planning Commission.

As an active member of the Holy Famly Catholic Church, Ken has also served as the Athletic Director at St. Edward School, coached basketball for 31 years at St. Edward School, started a Parochial League Softball Program, Parochial League Football Commissioner for 20+ years, Parochial League Diocesan Athletic Director for 5 years, was a St. Edward Basketball Commissioner for 25+ years, as well as a Father Ryan High School Board member. Ken enjoys golf and is a member of Brentwood Country Club.